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BY DEWGLASS  and Doug the Thug

   Many of the world’s artists will tell you their best work is a happy accident.  On June 4th one such accident happened.  Originally The Mythological horses were booked to play Live From Studio 5!
Mythological Horses
    The Horses are a touring band, with a tight schedule that included a local gig on the 5th.  As fate would have it, one of the Horses developed a medical problem, rendering him unable to fly. If a mythological horse can’t fly, future gigs had to be canceled, including Live From Studio 5!  The feelers were out fast and furious, including an invitation to a local music force.

  The Drug Budget started as a four piece rock band and the group morphed into an array of music fused together with energy and fun.
A desire to piss off a record producer backfired into something amazing, thus the happy accident

For this performance band consisted of vocalists  Roni Goldstein, KC Mae Ness and Mae Violet. The keyboard player is Paul Treiber. Robert Fones played the Kazoo, Alex Paetznick played the trombone, Lily Morris on trumpet, and Mary Scott played the sax. The drummer was Tom Tier, T.D. on bass, Linus Kangas shredded the lead guitar and his brother Cedric Kangas was the lead singer.

    Take a core rock group, sprinkle in a horn section, vocal harmonies and backup singers, and you get The Drug budget.  So my dear venues, if you want to fill up your space, consider offering these folks a residency.
    With a foretaste of their show in the studio, give them the freedom of a stage and I know they would take full advantage of it.  You see they are not just another musical group, they are a group of like-minded performers all going in the same direction.  There was movement and dance and a musical mind meld that was infectious.
    Comments made to me after the show were, "loved it", "best show ever", to name a few.
     The Drug Budget had no trouble at all filling the shoes of the Mystical Horses.  We will try and book the Horses for a future date when the flight surgeon clears them to fly.  Sometimes fate just tosses you something great, so I encourage you to follow this group, and experience their energy for yourself.  The Drug Budget seems to be ever-expanding, so maybe you might even be able to join them.  I don’t believe they are through fusing music styles, so maybe the next record will be even more mind-blowing and if you the listener and fan lobby hard enough, we will have them back on the show soon.
If you missed the LIVE performance of the show you can always hear it on our FOREVER archives just by clicking here:
     Usually just coordinating a small group in the studio is a challenge, but twelve?  These folks made it a joy to have them and far from the usual managed chaos.
You can find their music here:
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