Friday, June 20, 2014

The Peace Life on Live From Studio 5!

By  Dewglass
On a Wednesday night it seemed quiet and peaceful, a duo was coming in and we had a complement of regulars.
Cher Dial and Casey Moo were hosting with me and Doug the Thug bringing up the rear.
Georgia Cady, Host of Sonic Pleasure on KFAI, was at the ready with video.
Of course we couldn’t do it without Sputnik , our broadcast engineer, and Wyatt Sarber, our Sound Engineer.
Add  Jerry Isgreat, a one-man video company who can render a video using three or four cameras in less than an hour.
What you get is an amazing night and the closest we have come to Pro media.
The Peace Life entered the confines of Studio 5! And brought the singer song writer genre’ with them.
The duo, is a collaboration of, Jack - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals and Tess'ailene - Vocals.

I don’t mean to be picky, but I thought maybe a tambourine or a shaky rhythm thing would have been cool.
The group’s social conscience comes through in their music, with songs about global warming.
And a haunting remake of a folk classic rendered to modern times with Tray, a song about the Trayvon Martin shooting.
It did bother me at first to hear the melody, as I was expecting a Dylan tune, but after listening a few times, I am finding it to tell a story that we must not forget.
There were some bare feet, although no food was served, so it was not a problem.
The lyrics are thoughtful, and the melodies engaging, like the world they sing about, it grows on you.
I hope they consider some future collaboration, as some of the songs would lend themselves well to orchestration, Violins, bass etc.
The Peace life has a core body of work I think you are going to want to follow.
You can find them here…
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