Friday, March 21, 2014

Maiden Dixie on Live From Studio Five!

By Brian P. Rubin

A whole lot of folks comprising the band Maiden Dixie made their way down to the Cedar Riverside home of KFAI on Wednesday to play a great set on “Live From Studio Five!” Even without their drummer, Maiden Dixie played an amazing bunch of tunes. As ever, the band this week was joined by Doug the Thug, Dewglass, and Cher Dial.

So who is Maiden Dixie? Hailing from all different areas of the country, from Illinois to Denver to Minnesota, the band featured Channing Himes and Jaymi Struthers on vocals, with Jesse Becker and Jonathan Krentz on acoustic guitar, as well as Zachary Scanlan on fiddle and banjo, and Andrew “Tank” Sherman on the five-string bass. Drummer Tyler Kloewer couldn’t make it that night, but the show did play a track full of drums called “It’s Over” off the band’s seven song EP, Little Black Dress.

Other songs from the band’s extensive set list of countrified, bluegrassish music included “Waiting’s Done,” “Bring it On,” “Smooth Talkin’ Man,” and a song premiering on the radio that night, “Story of Our Own.”
Maiden Dixie has an extensive list of shows coming up. Tonight, they’re at Benton Station in Sauk Rapids, MN, while Saturday they’re hitting The Dog House Bar and Grill in Maplewood, MN. Next weekend, they make the trip out to Skooter’s Roadhouse in Shorewood, IL on Friday, March 28, and they’ll be at Timbuktu in Decatur, IL on the next night. Sunday, March 30 brings them back to Maplewood to pen for Randy Houser at the Myth. Down the line in June, Maiden Dixie will appear at the Winstock Country Music Festival in Winsted MN.

If you want to keep up with Maiden Dixie, be sure to check their website and their Facebook page. You'll be glad you did.

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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Joe Carey on “Live From Studio Five!”

By Brian P. Rubin
Joe Carey & Cher Dial

This week, a last minute cancelation of scheduled band La Madness could have spelled disaster for the show, but luckily a great set allowed for another great episode. Those listening to “Live From Studio Five!” got the chance to listen to a solid solo acoustic performance by Joe Carey of the band the Chinwaggers. We're all looking forward to La Madness being able to reschedule their performance, but in the meantime, Carey did a great job carrying the show on his shoulders. He hung out and chatted with the usual cast of characters: Cher Dial, Dewglass, and, of course, Doug the Thug.

Carey played tunes that sounded great on just an acoustic guitar, despite the fact that he’s usually part of his “gritty rock” four-piece band. He played and sang songs off the band’s new CD, Wayward Son, as well as its older album Sunflower Soul, tunes like “Burned” and “My Love, My Best Friend,” the latter of which he accompanied himself on the harmonica. He also played a song called “I Got Your Back,” an anthem to his kids, and a pair of songs called “Beautiful Stranger” and “The Redemption,” inspired by a trip he took to a supposedly haunted hotel.

The night’s performance also included music from the Chinwaggers’ new album, so even though the other members of the band weren’t actually in studio, they certainly were present in spirit.

The Chinwaggers are heading to Gluek’s in downtown Minneapolis on Friday, May 23, so be sure to hit that date if you liked what you heard. And you can keep up with all of the Chinwaggers’ various chinwaggery on Facebook and on their homepage.

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Friday, March 7, 2014

Courtney Yasmineh Band on “Live From Studio Five!”

By Brian P. Rubin

Cher Dial & Courtney Yasmineh

This past Wednesday, the Courtney Yasmineh Band came by KFAI to join Doug the Thug, Dewglass, and Cher Dial on “Live From Studio Five!” The four-piece band played a set of great alt-rock tunes that offered up just a hint of country.

Courtney, who provided lead vocals and guitar, was accompanied by Kale Baglyos Reed on the bass (and later on the violin for a few songs), Jon James Benson, and Rob Genadek, the band’s producer over at the Brewhouse recording studio on Nicolette, held things down on the drums. The Courtney Yasmineh band is really popular in Europe, having toured there a few times, and the group’s performance in studio on Wednesday night goes a long way toward showing why that’s the case. Simply put, the Courtney Yasmineh band was super tight, and sounded great from start to finish, no matter what style of song they played.

The band played tunes off of their new record, Wake Me Up When It’s Over, as well as its previous release, Beautiful Lonely—songs like “Scrutiny,” “Stones,” “Ballad to My Other Self,” and “Wandering Eyes.” And this week’s in-studio performance was something of a warm-up for the band’s trip to Austin, Texas on Monday for South-By-South-West, where they’ll be playing as part of Tinderbox Music Promotion’s roster.

Overall, if you want to get a taste of one of the Twin Cities’ most buzzworthy acts, make sure to listen to the Courtney Yasmineh Band. Once they’re back in Minneapolis, they’re scheduled to play the Driftwood Char Bar on March 22, and then at Honey on March 24. Be sure to keep up with them on Facebook, ReverbNation, and their official website.

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