Friday, March 7, 2014

Courtney Yasmineh Band on “Live From Studio Five!”

By Brian P. Rubin

Cher Dial & Courtney Yasmineh

This past Wednesday, the Courtney Yasmineh Band came by KFAI to join Doug the Thug, Dewglass, and Cher Dial on “Live From Studio Five!” The four-piece band played a set of great alt-rock tunes that offered up just a hint of country.

Courtney, who provided lead vocals and guitar, was accompanied by Kale Baglyos Reed on the bass (and later on the violin for a few songs), Jon James Benson, and Rob Genadek, the band’s producer over at the Brewhouse recording studio on Nicolette, held things down on the drums. The Courtney Yasmineh band is really popular in Europe, having toured there a few times, and the group’s performance in studio on Wednesday night goes a long way toward showing why that’s the case. Simply put, the Courtney Yasmineh band was super tight, and sounded great from start to finish, no matter what style of song they played.

The band played tunes off of their new record, Wake Me Up When It’s Over, as well as its previous release, Beautiful Lonely—songs like “Scrutiny,” “Stones,” “Ballad to My Other Self,” and “Wandering Eyes.” And this week’s in-studio performance was something of a warm-up for the band’s trip to Austin, Texas on Monday for South-By-South-West, where they’ll be playing as part of Tinderbox Music Promotion’s roster.

Overall, if you want to get a taste of one of the Twin Cities’ most buzzworthy acts, make sure to listen to the Courtney Yasmineh Band. Once they’re back in Minneapolis, they’re scheduled to play the Driftwood Char Bar on March 22, and then at Honey on March 24. Be sure to keep up with them on Facebook, ReverbNation, and their official website.

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