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Rules Are For Fools
“If you’re doing it right, there’s going to be chaos,” says guitarist Jess Wilton, on her approach to playing live in the incendiary punk rock duo, Nostrildamus. Jess is joined by longtime bandmate Beth Cullen, where they’ve been playing together since their early days of playing in the crushing punk band, the Yuckies. The Yuckies toured extensively up and down the east coast promoting their CD, The Dirty Bird. As the guitar player announced her decision to leave the band in 2009, Beth and Jess realized there was far too much chemistry between them to break it off, so they kept playing together, bouncing musical ideas off each other, and honing their musical chops in preparation for the aggression to come. Beth moved over to guitar, and they brought in a new bass player, starting the band Musk Assault in 2011. Musk Assault went on to assault the ears of their audience with loud, boisterous, yet beautifully melodic punk rock music.

On September 1, 2012, Musk Assault had decided it was time to go on indefinite hiatus. Beth and Jess still rejected the idea of not playing together. They took the name Nostrildamus, after the name the famous French Apothecary/Future seer was called in high school, due to his large nose. The name drove Nostrildamus crazy, mostly due to the fact his nose was of an average size. But kids are mean and don’t make sense.
Nostrildamus took a more economical approach to the lineup, keeping the prime ingredients of the last two bands, Beth and Jess. Nostrildamus is the pure essence of the last two bands, taking the last five years of live playing and songwriting to make a tight set that will leave you wanting more. It’s all business with these ladies, as they come out swinging, and keep the energy going strong through to the last song, and even a little bit into the next band’s time. They can be seen at all the Minneapolis hotspots, rocking venues such as Cause, Triple Rock Social Club and even out of town rocking St. Cloud at the Keller Bar.
Where Nostrildamus has been is not nearly as important as where they are going. While they are sharpening their songs out in the Minneapolis streets, they will be going into the recording studio to release the first Nostrildamus CD, engineered by Minnesota golden ear, Justin Malzahn. Malzahn is very familiar with Jess and Beth as he also engineered the Yuckies’ Dirty Bird CD. The CD will be released early 2014, complete with an east coast tour to support it. If you have the chance to check out this band, and punk rock is what floats your boat, this is a fantastic band. Check them out!

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Monday, August 26, 2013


Live From Studio 5!  has had an amazing run of wonderful talent come through the studio.
From brand new bands,   barely out of the wrapper, to established groups ready to break on to the national scene.
Sometimes surprises come your way, like finding treasure you did not know was there.
5248_116388586970_2412535_n (1)One such treasure is NEW PRIMITIVES, with Stanley Kipper starting things off on drums, and keeping us going on vocals.
Chico Perez grooving the merengue rhythms and adding his voice to the mix.
Chico also had an array of sound making devices, shaky things bells, and sound makers that just gave me shivers, in a good way.
Snowman Powers grabbed us with his sax and vocal harmonies
Man,   can that cat blow.
Bruce Jackson stepped it up on keyboards, accordion and vocals.
The musical voices coming out of the keyboard had me thinking they brought an orchestra.
We sadly missed out on Joseph Lightnin Peterson with the Hammond b3 {Doug’s favorite organ}
Rounding out the sound, solid bass work from Jesse Kiel
That bumping bass set the grove that only ended when the show was over.
New Primitives has been around since 1999 and deserves homage from us lesser beings.
Check them out everywhere, on Facebooknewprimitives.comReverb nation , fan em like em  if you want to have a great time invite em to your party, can’t afford that, buy their music and spin it
Our tiny studio was crammed to the rafters with people, extra host, 4 videographers, 1 photographer, M J Gilmore and of course the band.
It is a difficult thing to bring live energy to a studio setting; New Primitives accomplished it with ease.
Doug the Thug and M J were dancing, and I was told to shut up so we could hear more music.
I was happy to comply, and wished we had another couple of hours to enjoy New Primitives
Check out their latest gigs and go see them, one easy way is to go to  Nye's Bar - 112 East Hennepin Ave, Mpls.  every Thursday.
Oh and they have a new C D American Nomad, a must have for any music library.
Their performance can still be heard at
Scroll down the page for recent playlists, and links to Flickr pics, YouTube, the blog and more.
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Saturday, August 10, 2013


Oh What a Knight!
August seventh was the first "Live From Studio 5!" show for the month and Lonnie Knight brought with him an all-star cast with Gary Haberman on percussion, congas, other noise makers and shaky things, making for a great sound.
Reid Papke brought up the bottom with smooth bass. Additional harmonies were provided by Laura Owen.
163 - Mosquito Shoals -  (19) (1)
“The Mosquito Shoals” brought a fun infectious vibe to the Studio 5 and wove an undulating performance of original music and standards with their own stamp on each one. I must say I have been bitten, and infected with a raging case of admiration for this group. Don’t lose any time and check out a rebroadcast of the show at 5
There are also links to Flickr pics and the YouTube video.  Just scroll down the page for the audio player, and enjoy.
Also find them on Facebook, and visit the Live From Studio 5! Page on Facebook for updates, links and the L5 Blog.
Put these guys on your must-see list, invite 'em to your next show, tell your friends.
There were many great bands with insects in the name, Buddy Holly and the Crickets, The Beatles, and now the humble Mosquito with Mosquito Shoals.  I know they will be on again, perhaps in the New Year when their album is smokin'.
Still looking for Christmas day performance, any takers, please email me or Doug The Thug.
Till next time, the Reluctant Blogger,