Thursday, October 17, 2013

Warsaw Cipher

By Charlie Milkey
            What do you get when you take some of the best artists in the Twin Cities and lock them in a room filled with music gear? You get a band called Radar Secret Service. Yes, the band originally came together as Radar Secret Service until they grew big enough for a Midwestern punkrock band of the same name to take notice and try to take the name back. While most bands would hide in terror at the consideration of changing their name after all the work they put in, the band now known as Warsaw Cipher feared not. The horse they were switching midstream was already at a gallop.
            The members of Warsaw Cipher have a strong resume following them: Dylan, on bass, plays in the St. Paul Civic Orchestra on his time away, and synth/vocalist Ivy spends her days with the Dim Media Group. Karen, on vocals/synth creates brilliant comics and Brandon is an incredible sculpture and 3D artist.  This prolific crew comes together to create some of the best synthpop in the Twin Cities.
            The band’s signature twin vocal attack led by Karen and Ivy are a study in perfect harmony while they sculpt a smooth sonic atmosphere with their synthesizers. Dylan adds some low end punch to the synth bass, generating a low rumble that perfectly complements the synth-drenched soundscape. Brandon, a whiz on drums, pounds out a driving beat to keep your feet moving.
            The band can be found playing all over the twin cities, playing most recently at the Driftwood in South Minneapolis, and Wild Tymes in St. Paul before that. You can catch them on October 20th at the Kitty Cat Klub playing a show in celebration of Arthur Rimbaud's 159th birthday. They will be joined by Minneapolis piano-rock band 3 Nuns and a Gun, as well as Casey McKee’s newest project, Circular Mercury. The show promises keep your body swaying and your mind at ease.

Check out their soundcloud to check them out. Suggested listening is Push, synth lust, hipster trash, paris in love. My personal recommendations are Debonair and Invisible.

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