Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Live Music Pours

Take Rain, Lightning, and Live Music and You Get


   First a little preamble:  Wednesday October 2nd was a rough day for me.  Filled with modern medicine I was making my way to the studio, working through a raging case of bronchitis. Just as I got on the bus, it, started to rain, so I’m thinking, that’s all I need, I get wet, I get sicker.  Luck was with me though, as I walked the two blocks to the studios, it was just a sprinkle.
   When Doug the Thug arrived he had left his top down earlier and got his car drenched, not to mention driving through lighting.  I don’t know if it was Karma or what, but the good stuff was with us.
   Pour was formed by five friends who share an interest for playing music in front of loving and dancing crowds. The band blends elements of funk, rock, and blues to create their own unique sound. Before they formed Pour, the members were all in another band, but constant lineup changes forced the five to move on to create Pour. With new songs in the works and number of originals already written, Pour looks forward to ripping up a stage near you.
  Then out of a stormy Midwestern night cane the Band POUR, whose members are, Jon Sullivan on vocals, Jake Berry on guitar, Derek Strand on bass, John Berry on drums and Max Eichhorst on guitar and vocals.  My first thought was that these guys are pretty good, but it is hard to judge when your focus is on other things.  I called them dueling guitars, because there were two leads that played nicely off one another. They have a strong bass and a powerful drummer, who was grooving it with his eyes closed.  The lead vocalist was hitting it, I did not find out how well till later when I had a chance to listen to our show on archives.
    He was also fighting a cold, which is scary for vocalists, because it can damage the instrument.  But as I said he was hitting it, I still think they need backup singers, {girls} but then I always say that.  Give these guys a listen and I think you might be hooked.  They are good now with room to grow.  Better see them now before the rest of the world discovers them.
You can find them on Facebook   https://www.facebook.com/pourtheband
To listen to a rebroadcast of the show, go to: http://kfai.org/livefromstudio5 and scroll down the page for the player.
Pictures of the show are available on http://www.flickr.com/photos/kfai-fm
Check out this video and others from over 3 years of weekly shows at: http://www.youtube.com/kfairocks
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Added Bonus, here's the video.

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