Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Woodshop in the house

-- Woodshop in the house
The reluctant blogger is falling behind again.
"Live From Studio 5!" is experiencing a personnel crisis, and this writer, is having to wear too many hats, so if you are interested in helping out, learning new things and stretching your talents, please let us know. We need everyone, from social media people, music reporters, photographers, videographers, editors, sound promo editors, etc.  If you know PhotoShop or ProTools, that would be a plus but you have to be committed to help make this resource even better.
And now for the reason why we are here:  WOODSHOP Is In The House!
Woodshop is possibly one of the most fun, and versatile groups the show has had in a while.  Members include Eric Schwarz who sings, plays harp, washboard, and of course...the kazoo, Jeff Schwarz who also sings, whistles and plays guitar, Pat Vanderkolk who plays the bass, and Mike Lynch sings and plays drums.  The guys were at ease with nearly every genre, from folk to rock, to blues, and beyond,  Some amazing guitar work was supplied by an  electrified acoustic Martin, that made sounds I did not know were possible.  Add great vocals, and some fine harp, and you've got Woodshop, no safety, glasses needed.
There was no sawdust in the real sense, but in my mind’s eye musical sawdust was flying in the studio.  If you need a really fun band that can accommodate almost any event, you've got to grab these guys.
You can still catch the show on kfai.org/livefromstudio5 and soon on the forever archives.
And the performance video on kfairocks, here.http://www.youtube.com/kfairocks
Find Woodshop on Facebook, , and like them, fan them, and tell 'em "Live From Studio 5!" sent you.

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