Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Royal Veil on "Live From Studio 5!"

By Brian P. Rubin

DJ Lizzy Rain in the studio.

The Royal Veil came by KFAI’s "Live From Studio 5!" last night and played a superbly heavy and proggy set. The three-piece says it’s influenced by bands like Tool and Muse, and that was evident from the first note, as they rocked out to songs like “Circle of Violence, “Waters,” and “Into the Sun.”

Alex Rohling on guitar.

The band’s full-length album, Kind of the Ocean, took about six months between the first placement of the microphones in the studio to being sent off for mixing and mastering—and considering how detailed and intricate their songs are, it’s not surprising. It came out this past summer, and can be found on the group’s Bandcamp site.

Andy Klockow on bass.

The band was joined in-studio by guest co-host Lizzy Rain, who interviewed the band and shared her fondness for the band’s harmonies, emotions, and frequently shifting time signatures. It was impossible not to be fascinated by what the band was doing in the studio, whether it was with heavy distortion or acoustic guitars.

Steve Bergquist on drums as Doug the Thug watches from behind the glass.

The band is hitting the stage tonight at Palmer’s Bar in Minneapolis at 9 p.m., though there are surely more gigs to come soon. Be sure to keep track of their upcoming events on their Facebook page. What a great set!

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