Thursday, November 21, 2013

Breakfast Anytime on "Live From Studio 5!"

By Brian P. Rubin

Guest host Cher Dial in Studio 5

Breakfast Anytime swung by KFAI’s “Live From Studio 5!” last night and brought its own shoegaze-inspired synth-pop to the Twin Cities airwaves. Led by lead singer and songwriter Garrison Dakota Grouse, the five-piece band played a great set with tunes from its self-titled EP like “Whatever” and “Again and Again.” The group wore its influences on its sleeves, with sounds akin to Muse, Joy Division, and what sounded in some spots like Modest Mouse. Guest host Cher Dial chatted with the group and learned about the band's beginnings and kept the night of great music rolling along.

Lead singer-songwriter Garrison Dakota Grouse manned the keys for most of the night.

Breakfast Anytime didn’t stop at originals, though. The group played a couple great covers too, like a song by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, featuring Gretchen Edholm taking center stage on vocals, and “Changes” by the legendary David Bowie with guitarist Ryan Bergeron grabbing the microphone. Despite how disparate those two songs’ styles are from each other, Breakfast Anytime managed to make it all sound solid and natural.

Guitarist Ryan Bergeron and vocalist Gretchen Edholm

One of the best parts of the band’s sound was the tight interplay of bassist Dan Dolan and drummer Josh Gotlieb, the latter of whom was a relatively recent addition to the group. Before Josh joined up, Breakfast Anytime relied on a drum machine, which makes sense considering the synth-heavy sound and its focus on danceable grooves. Adding Gotlieb, and letting him and Dolan work out their rhythms with human soul, had a great effect on the band’s sound in studio. Let’s hope they keep the drums live going forward.

Bassist Dan Dolan

Drummer Josh Gotlieb

Overall, it was a great night on “Live From Studio 5!” Breakfast Anytime can be found on Facebook and Reverb Nation, so hopefully their fans will get an update as soon as they schedule their next show.  

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