Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sons of Soul-Recap

Remember in Oh Brother Where Art Thou, when the protagonists sing into a can for a couple bucks only to become renowned as the Soggy Bottom Boys?

Live From Studio Five is a lot like that (kinda), but we have much more than a can to sing into. In fact, we have all kinds of equipment, experienced engineers and a crew dedicated to making sure you and your band sounds the best.

And it's live.

Last week, even though I was in the studio, I half-wished I could be scanning the dials by my wood-stove and come across the groovin' jams of the Sons of Soul.

We must note their incredible instrumentation.

There's Dakota, who not only provides the sincere vocals, but totally rips on the harmonica. He came with a whole box full of different kinds, and played them into his own bullet microphone, typical for harmonica use.

Then there's the organ. Yes. They brought an organ. Not some synthesizer, but a real, Lutheran church basement ORGAN. It made a huge difference in the sound and feel of the group.

From the sounds of their groove, I figured the group had been playing together for years, and it blew my mind that they've only been what they are for two years after Johnny (guitar) and Dakota (harmonica, vocals) Got together in this very studio!

By the end of the first half of the show, Sons of Soul had Studio Five steaming like "A Louisana Tavern in August."

Their next show is on January 25th in Chanhassen.

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  1. When do we get to see the Sons of Soul video?