Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Anything but Traditional Groove of Organasm

First of all, here's the video for Son's of Soul as requested on the last post!
-----> Sons of Soul Video

This 11 minute clip features the songs, "Get out of my Life," and "Ride that Train." Enjoy!

Well friends, I was on a woodland retreat last week and could not make it to Studio Five Wednesday, but I DID have the privilege of viewing, "Organasm" the week before.

Is anyone out there familiar with something called a, "Bandgasm?" I took up use of the phrase in high school, referring to the big parts of orchestral pieces where everything explodes in a riotous burst of music and emotion. Consider a Sousa March, or my favorite, "Valdres" where right after the dog fight it gets quiet. Soft. Tender. Then builds, builds, builds until the whole ensemble is blowing their hearts out, and the Greenswamp Lillies let out squeals of repressed delight. Yes. That, is a bandgasm, and that is what our January 30th group pursued, with Organasmic results.

With great care, LFS5 DJ's enounciated the name, Organasm on our late night but family friendly show. We learned that the name derives from their Hammond Digital organ. Admittedly, the sound was organasmic, but I must say that I am still jaded from the rocking sound the Sons of Soul produced with their legit church basement organ. Of course, digital organs are easy to transport and gig with, and that's important, but that makes the "real" thing that much more impressive. Sorry Organasm, you lose that round.

HOWEVER, this three piece, purely instrumental, "anything but traditional jazz" group is pretty sweet.

They formed in 2011 when Wes on Keyboards and Jake on Bass posted an internet ad looking for a drummer, and while Kyle, "wasn't the best drummer they auditioned," he was by far, "the coolest dude." And thus the band formed. Cool dudes are important, especially when they search far and wide for broken cymbals to manipulate and tweak to form their precise sound.

During my time in the studio, Organasm played an original tune called, "Cisky" (C is the Key!) and a cover of Chic Correa's standard, "Fingerprints." While having no vocals, the trio succeeds in producing a complex narrative with emotional rises and turns. My initial impression that they did not possess enough dynamic variation was overturned when I realized I was sitting directly in front of the drum!

Definitely check out and like Organasm on Facebook, and be sure to stay tuned for the release of their album titled, "Stink Pocket" this fall!

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