Sunday, September 13, 2015

JiLL Gets Ill For Real in Studio 5

Garage rockers JiLL infiltrated the studio this week in the name of crunchy-punch rock vibes and a killer-steady drum beat. This duo, named after an extended family member, has been jamming mad for over a year now, bringing their happy-go-lucky distortion with them wherever they may tread as a way of f’ing the man and satisfying a deep, inner burning desire to rock the hell out. The duo in question consists of Pat Dougherty on the six-string and lead vocals, and John Peters behind the kit.  That six string guitar was strung with five regular strings and one bass string to make a very unique sound.  You could definitely hear that string adding its mellow tone to the mix on every single strum.

Together, the team of two supplies a kicking sound that constantly shifts; one minute, they’re punking out with a heavy instrumental sonata, hitting cymbals harder than Mike Tyson hits faces and strumming more furiously than Gary Busey on a drug binge, the next, they’re serenading every female in the Twin Cities area. Their riffs range from a throw-back 80’s glam metal fashion to a modern-day indie sensibility, all layered under some of the most agreeable lyrics known to man. All in all, JiLL has got a sound that just naturally gets around, so, take it from this writer: it’s in your best interest to check these bad dudes out at the soonest possible moment. 
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