Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Devil's Due Gets Got In Studio 5

If at any time you notice that you’re overcome by an inescapable paralysis of both mind and body, induced by an incessant groove as timeless and ancient as sedimentary stone itself, chances are you’ve been stricken by the ultra-rock prowess of Minneapolis four-piece Half Moon Devil. Fortunately, this may be the exclusive instance of immobility that you won’t want to escape from: this foursome’s kick-ass distorted crunch provides a relentless rock rhythm that wields strength enough to physically tear the roof off the motha’ sucka. 

The name Half Moon Devil was concocted during a night of drink-induced free-lance writing, courtesy of lead vocalist Kelsea Chamberlin, and it was in that moment that the current group was subconsciously surmised. Inspired by rock n’ roll greats like Zeppelin, Hendrix, the Stones, and the Yardbirds, Half Moon Devil does the timeless genre an ever-graceful justice with a slew of driving rocky riffs, pounding jungle drums and edgy-blues melodies. Will Roberts supplies a smoky yet coarse bass groove, Alex Lode provides an endless torrent of distorted six-string supremacy, all while Zach Berndt hits the kit as if it had insulted his girlfriend. Soaring amidst the mix, though, are the Benatar-and-Jett-infused-esque vocals of Chamberlin, paying homage to the legends that belted into the mic before her as well as the frontier of modernized melodies. 
Check this band out as soon as you can, man. I’m not even joking.

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(Archive also contains interview with Live From Studio 5!’s blogger, Seth Hynes-Marquette)

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-Article by Seth Hynes-Marquette

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