Friday, September 25, 2015

Tom Aydan & Jake Allan - Two Unique Geniuses

Stretching his strings farther than the length of time itself and smacking them in an equally epic manner, Tom Aydan graced Studio 5 this Wednesday with his ridiculously rad guitar-playing style. Performing an array of originals, Aydan jammed and sang for nearly an hour in an aura of straight up six-string f**king wizardry. The sounds he emitted were like a vocal conversation between extraterrestrials on acid, furiously fast strumming and anxious neck-sliding accompanied by other-worldly tonality. The rhythm constantly and intentionally bends, making each song an unexpected torrent of varying style.

Aydan's vocal style is a rock-blues drive, calling to mind a Cream-era Clapton, both in bluesy sincerity and creative bite. Believe me, folks, if you're not careful, it's beyond easy to get lost in the awe of this dude's music. His next performance is Saturday, October 9th, at Amsterdam Bar & Hall. Be there. Seriously. Be there.

Links are provided below to Tom Aydan's website and Facebook page:

For the second half of the show, singer/songwriter Jake Allan took the helm of the mic, pumping out tune after killer tune of driving acoustic folk riffs and raspy, down-home, Sunday-morning vocals. Allan's numbers offer variety on all accounts, whether he's serenading every human being within a 12 mile radius with a calm-inducing zephyr ballad, or smacking you in the face with furious strum-work  layered beneath an unapologetic barrage of home-hitting lyricism. Half-time grooves slide comfortably between his uptempo footstompery, so much so that it might be necessary to warn you about potential whiplash while jamming to these tunes. His new album, Somewhere To Somewhere And Everywhere in Between, will be released in the next few months.

Links are provided below to Jake Allan's Soundcloud and Facebook page:

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-Article by Seth Hynes-Marquette

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