Friday, August 7, 2015

Maria Isa Provides Studio 5 With Some Earth Shattering Grooves

Maria Isa graced Studio 5 this weekend with her Latina-soulful-Bomba style, which embodied diligently smooth melodies, syncopated rap segments, and an armada of percussion and synth-y sounds. Having shared the mighty stage with giants like Atmosphere, Slick Rick, The Roots, Ghostface Killah, Brother Ali, Semisonic, and more, it’s no secret that Maria is no secret to the music scene that is rapidly developing around us. Maria’s voice is one of hinted intensity; a voice that commands the attention but, once commanded, caresses it with the gentle hand of both sincerity and poetic integrity.

Accompanying her in the studio last Wednesday, her band dubbed “The Fellas”, included DJ Tony Trouble, rappers Mike the Martyr and Muja Messiah, Charlie Keys on the keys themselves, and Truth Mays, applying some serious sound to a pair of congas. 

As if being an ultra-cool Latin vocalist weren’t enough, Maria is also involved in film, acting, songwriting, amongst other things, like having organized several walk-a-thons and fundraisers to help raise awareness for juvenile diabetes. Her shortened musical description is as follows: “Mix beat street with drops of Purple Rain”. The way things look now, it seems like Maria Isa may very well have the Purple Rain influence bearing down on the Twin Cities, and beyond, for quite some time. 

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