Sunday, August 2, 2015

Elena Brings Her Magic to "Live From Studio 5!"

Greetings, Fans, Followers, and Even Detractors

     Even if you hate us, at least you’re paying attention.  This Blog is late, since our Blogster Supreme, Seth Hynes-Marquette is on vacation and therefore this task is left with lesser beings.  Now we could have axted him to Blog anyway since the program can be heard at ANY time from ANYWHERE on the planet on our FOREVER archives but then we wouldn’t want to ruin his vacation.
     So now our crack team, or should I say cracked team of Doug and Dewglass will forge ahead:

     Elena is a singer, songwriter and aerialist.  (You will have to see her LIVE in order to experience that.)  Her first EP, "The Girl I Know", is a soulful pop compilation about self-reclamation and is now available.   Her live performance delivers a soothing intimacy perfect for easy listening.  Oh, those harmonies!   Elena brought her A game with her jazzy pop rendition of her music, tickling our ears with melodies and ivory keys and setting the stage for an evening that left us wishing for more.

     Elena just released a new CD, her first EP, "The Girl I Know", a soulful pop compilation about self-reclamation.  She hopes to continue expanding as an artist, reaching audiences around the globe, touring and producing new music.  You can start sampling her music by checking out the forever archives of this show.
Here are links to give you more information about Elena than we have time to impart:
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