Friday, August 28, 2015

Jezebel Jones and Friends Get Up Close, Personal, and Instrumentally Innovative in Studio 5

After 3 long years spent in the Lone Star State, Jezebel Jones finally returned to the Twin Cities last Wednesday to share her serendipitously solemn vibes with the Studio 5 crew. Joined by her singer-songwriter friends Bruce Springsteen look-alike, Jeff Crandall of Swallows and Phillip Westfall aka Blood Brother (Phillip alongside his own homemade instrument, no less), Jezebel emitted tales concerning her travels, the enigma of death, a romance with whiskey (who can’t relate to that?), and a hell of a lot more. She displayed a vivacious versatility by sifting between bright, upbeat rhythms and melodies to creeping, emotion-stuffed ballads, the story beneath each number as captivating as the last. 

The entire set was a series of dynamics in itself. Between three different singers and their distinguished styles taking their turn at the mic’s helm, Phillip displayed his personal instrumental creation, an electric banjo-esque guitar complete with drum triggers and some intricate inputs, which made for serious one-man band action. 

Jezebel released her first full-length album, Queen Of The Devil’s Rodeo, back in November of 2011, and it’s available on her website. She has since made the move from Austin, Texas to Seattle, Washington, so, unfortunately, it won’t be often that you’ll see her strolling the streets of Minneapolis. However, when she does return, this writer strongly urges you to catch a glimpse of her musical prowess the soonest instant that you can. 

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