Friday, July 31, 2015

Chirch & The Dirty Thought

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That’s my sermon, now on to Chirch.
​The band consists of Mr. Chirch himself, bassist Colin Elliston, vocalists Jay Nolen, Jesse Holly, and Dezaray Lane.
The drummer is Brandon Johnson, the keyboard player is Corey Stampley and tonight the lead guitar
was played by Trevor Wiest who normally plays for Danami.

     On a breezy Wednesday night in August, Chirch and the Dirty Thought showed us all how it's done.  Passion, harmony and well-blended music rang from Studio 5.  Imagine an eclectic sound, mixing the smoothness of R&B, the edge of Rock and Roll, the lyrical respect of the spoken word, and the passion of Soul.  Call it Jazz, or R 'n' B or anything you want.  There were too many elements coming together to do them justice with a single label.
     The right mix and blending of voices and instruments took me back to old school.  There were enough surprises to excite today’s listeners with the craft that is missing in pop music. Love and loss were the theme, however even the darker tunes seemed to lift us and make you want to sing along, or even dance.
     Chirch and the Dirty Thought are best experienced live, so don’t miss their next show.  While you are waiting, you can listen to this show at ANY time from ANYWHERE on the planet on our FOREVER archives by clicking here: 
The Flickr pix from that night are posted here:  Chirch pix
The video from this night will soon be posted here: You Tube  You Tube

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