Saturday, July 11, 2015

Dead Larry Brings Life To Music

Larry might be deceased, but it’s probably a safe bet that his corpse is trying to exhume itself in order to get the f**k down to this band’s relentless groove. Comprised of vocalist and guitarist Mark McGuiness, Josh “Shua” Felling on drums, lead string-snapper Ned Barclay and “Bass Man” Joe Scarpellino, Iowa natives Dead Larry broke into the music scene in the mid 2000’s and haven’t had a reason to look back yet. The instrumentals are powerful; the guitars transition from hard-driving riffs to blanketing cosmic wails so smooth they may as well be sponsored by Neutrogena. The rhythm section packs powerful punches like a Mike Tyson knock off, sporting touches like ultra-clean hi-hat funk and crunchy half-time kicks to super snappy bass solos. Mark’s vocals present a peppy and melodic story-song style, emitting catchy hooks that induce dancing, euphoria, and drug-like bursts of energy. 

When it comes to funky rock bands, one can’t go wrong with Dead Larry. Each member brings their own style to the table to create something collectively powerful, while also earning their individual time to show off just a taste of what they’re capable of on their own. It’s obvious that there is a creative and personal chemistry between these guys, and if that doesn’t make for the stems of huge success, I really don’t know what does. 

Dead Larry has a new album in the works. Missing out on that would be like missing out on your friends’ May Day barbecue that David Bowie showed up to for some reason. 

Links are provided below to Dead Larry’s website and Facebook page.

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