Tuesday, July 7, 2015

5 Years Strong: A Tribute To Half A Decade Of Badassery

It’s been an epic five years, and ever since that first broadcast back in the summer of 2010, the crew and musicians featured on Live From Studio 5! have probably made you laugh, cry, scream, weep, smile with unabashed ecstasy, become sexually aroused, inspire you to make a regrettable and impulsive purchase at 1 AM, inspire you to organize a camping trip with your beloved family, and turn the radio up. Or, maybe they just exposed you to some incredible local and touring artists, allowing them to be known unto you and providing a unique and selfless opportunity to support local music.

To help celebrate this Earth-shattering event, the crew had three different artists on the bill. Lakewood Cemetery played the first hour, sporting their bubbly, Iron and Wine / Colbie Callait style with a somber twist. Wrapping the night up were Tom Ayden, who demonstrated an incredible use of finger taps and scratches across the surface of his guitar to emulate a drum kit, and the ruggedly-awesome Tucker Jensen. 

If you should run into Studio 5’s hosts or behind-the-scenes-men on the streets: the lovely Cher Dial, the powerful Dewglass (Douglas Solomon), the ultra-knoweldgable Wyatt Sarber, the techy Georgia Cady, Rahib Bajar, Ryan Pollard, and Larry Sputnik, the robust Seth Hynes-Marquette, and finally, the increasingly popular Doug The Thug, give them a hug, or a firm hand shake, or a tender kiss on the cheek, whatever floats their boat. This crew does everything they can to get local music into your virginal, yet precious, ears each week. Show them some love, yo.

Links are provided below to Live From Studio 5!’s web page and Facebook:

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If you missed the original broadcast you can still listen at ANY time from ANYWHERE on the planet on our FOREVER archives just by clicking here:  

(Archive also contains interview with Live From Studio 5!’s blogger, Seth Hynes-Marquette)

Check out the video on our You Tube page here: Lakewood Cemetery Video 

You can see the Flickr pix from that show here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/kfai-fm/sets/72157653073867833 

-Article by Seth Hynes-Marquette

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