Monday, October 14, 2013

Now Is Your Chance to Show Your Stuff!

……….Attention All Volunteers……….

“Live From Studio 5!” needs people!  We have lost our photographer and two videographers and soon one of our co-hosts.  It would be helpful if someone with equipment and the time could supplement our overtaxed fearless leader Doug The Thug with video editing.  Getting a full-time blogger for the show has been like pulling teeth with a rusty pliers.  We need a writer who would like to produce a weekly blog and/or possibly later direct and coordinate a Music News Department within the Studio 5 program.  On-air reporting is a possibility.  We also need a Social Media Coordinator/Editor or any combination that fits your talent.  (Any suggestions?)  We also desperately need someone to help with the recording and dubbing of L5 promos and band promos that air during the show.  Knowledge of ProTools is required.  So if you love live music, and can help us fill the gaps and create a better show than ever, please contact either Dewglass at  or
It's actually quite urgent since MJ Gilmore will be gone for a couple of months and possibly forever.  So if you are a female and have any interest being a part of this exciting show with Doug, contact him and we'll give you an actual ON-AIR AUDITION. 

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