Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Wayward McCoys on Live From Studio 5!

By Dewglass
In a live situation, everything that can go wrong, will and usually does.
Sometimes the stars align and things go amazingly well.
It started off as usual; a band without a lot of press or video, so we only had Bandcamp downloads to go by.
So I guess I was a little nervous.
I did not have to be on the bands account.
The Wayward McCoys brought a trio in and the live energy we covet on the show.
There is W M D and these guys have W M B, Wayward McCoys Band.

Doug the thug fell in love with the guitars, so if you want an in, just bring in a beautiful or unusual instrument.

14327188248_55281be949_zFirst I will share what they say about themselves.
The band's account
People call us a real wang dang doodle. No fat, no frills.

Full Bio:
Ben, Joe and Jon each have three-letter names so they started a band. It's called The Wayward McCoys. Ben wails real loud, yet is also very informative. Ben thinks his songs are pretty good, but really that's actually your call. Music is subjective, after all. Joe plays the drums real loud and looks real happy. People are always telling him how happy he looks when he plays the drums. Honestly. People that don't even like the music will almost always concede that Joe looked "amusing". Jon rattles floors with his bass guitar and has developed a reputation for bouncing. He's more like Tigger, people say. When this guy drops the ball, abort. The music just really sounds thin without the bass. It's kinda like a train, tumbleweed, and 2 vultures in a tree started a band...people say.
In general, The Wayward McCoys are difficult to catch as they are primarily a migratory species. Their debut Album "Greasy Clean" emerged and houses 10 songs that deserved it. The tracks span depravity and jubilation, and go well with whiskey or beer. Maybe even pair with a big ol' flank steak if you've got the fire to cook it. They're not really a force to be reckoned with, but The Wayward McCoys are not going anywhere. Does that make sense? They cannot offer you sex or money or the pleasures offered in corporate music. Bottom line: when rock 'n' roll is needed, they'll show up. Darn tootin'.
You absolutely must hunt down these migratory animals, and grab some music for your ipad as a trophy.

The energy level in the studio was high.
If we could have attached wires I think we could have run the show, just on them.
Whatever category you feel you must put Wayward Mc Coys into, the main one must be fun, and second energy.
I challenge you to see them live and avoid dancing.
The lineup:
Ben Greenwald - Vocals, Guitar
Jon Camp - Bass
Joe Silberschmidt - Drums, Vocals
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This show was originally broadcast on June 18, 2014.
Here are the Flickr Pix for that night: : And here:
The You Tube video of this performances is here:
What took place during the break deserves its own post, so look for that.

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