Friday, June 13, 2014

Crankshaft on Live From Studio 5!

By Doug The thug and Dewglass
Huh? This is kind of like Spock doing a mind meld and coming up with a whole new thing based on the merged personality.
Hosts Casey Moo and Cher Dial
14217449688_2a23ff1c79_zHere Comes Alex Crankshaft Larson, toting the makings for an awesome night.
As a one man band he brings a bass and snare drum, high-hat cymbals, with tambourine, and a kazoo too.
With a coordination that boggles the mind he renders Crankshaft “Pork neck music".
A melding of old style blues, punk, rockabilly, and a few things sprinkled in we don’t even notice.
Stir and you have some of the best booty shaken music around.
They say there are only two types of music, good and bad, I think now there are three, really good.
Mr. Crankshaft, as I call him is the consummate pro, showing up for a radio gig, dressed to kill.
Alex does not care about the Mr. Thing, but I think he has earned it on the finger picker road he has chosen.
The only bad part about the show was, it was not long enough.
After we wrapped up,  Alex said he had a bunch more.
Maybe we can get him to bring the Gear Grinders along next time, hint, hint.
Not that he needed them, but we could have heard the trio sound with an upright bass, and a full drum kit.
Mr. Crankshaft does not need my feeble attempt at press, just a quick look around Google, and you find lots of press.
Star Tribune, a profile on Minnesota original on PBS, and so much more.
I don’t know if he has a star on First Ave’s wall, but he should.
Some amazing Video can be had, just by a search on YouTube.

Take a look at the making of “What You Gonna Do”
See the earthquake Shake music video ttps://
You can find all the good stuff by visiting

Find 'em, friend 'em, fan 'em, and ask him to come and shake his stuff, so you can shake yours.
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