Sunday, June 29, 2014

Viva Italia on Live From Studio 5!

Sound and Shiny Things
By Dewglass
There are a lot of things going on during the” Live From Studio 5!” show.
Producers are preparing for their show, or doing pre or post production.
Usually not much attention is paid, unless it pertains to Music or instruments.
Combine shiny things with an interesting sound, and you have an impromptu segment.
The Thug heard some interesting music emanating from the news room and checked inside. What he saw was curious and intriguing: A gentleman, Giovanni Volini, who looked like an extra right out of a Francis Ford Coppola movie playing a giant harmonica. But where were the orchestral sounds coming from? His iPhone! He decided on the spot to ask him if he wanted to perform on the show and his companion said, "He doesn't speak English but I'll ask him." The rest is history.
The sounds coming from the chromatic harmonica were amazing, almost as if 3 people were playing harmonicas.
Giovanni, who hails from Torino Italy, brought his virtuoso harmonies to 2 clasical pieces.
Concerto for 2 violins by Vivaldi, and La Danza by Rossini
You can revisit the performance by going here.
And the Video is here.

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