Saturday, May 31, 2014

Of Ice cream, Chocolate and the 99ers


The 99ers on "Live From Studio 5!"

Media seems to need to label everything in a nice tight package.
"Live From Studio 5!" and Casey Moo fell into that a bit.
The explanation, if one is needed, comes from the band itself.
The band name is based on a dessert that has to do with ice cream and chocolate.
It does not hurt that the name coincides with the occupy movement.
Surf Punk, well OK, just imagine the Beach Boys coming up during the rise of punk, throw in some sprinkles of rockabilly, cheeky lyrics, and stir.
99 ers 012
I liked the opening song about our summers here in the north land, celebrating our unofficial state bird, the mosquito.
99 ers 01399 ers 01499 ers 01599 ers 016
I do have a favorite song, Godzilla’s a punk, and careful though, if he finds out about it, there could be a sequel here in the Twin Cities.
The songs were fast-rockin', high-energy, foot stompin' examples of, in a word, great fun.
The 99ers are, Steve Shannon on Guitar and vocals, Eric John on guitar and vocals, Doug Heeschen on bass and Christopher Mark is the drummer.
You probably won’t meet a more fun bunch of yahoos anywhere.  So fan them, and go see them whenever they are playing.
SparkSpark, their brand new CD is available, so search it out.  Caution; the first cut might piss off Godzilla.  Spark is packed with 16 songs so no musical stone has been left unturned.
For a video, hot off the presses from that night just click here:
Flickr pix of that evening are here:
You can hear a rebroadcast, and visit the other links to Flickr, YouTube and the forever archives just by clicking here:
Thanks for reading and Rock on!

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