Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Stacy Lee on “Live From Studio Five!”

By Brian P. Rubin
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Singer-songwriter Stacy Lee dropped by “Live From Studio Five!” last Wednesday and played a set of great music with some of her friends and musical collaborators. She was joined in studio by Doug the Thug, Dewglass, and Cher Dial, making her triumphant return to the show.

Lee played a number of songs off her album Face the Day – songs like “Undefined,” “Won,” “Unseen,” and “The Craziness.” She also played a cover of N’Sync’s “Bye Bye Bye,” as well as one of her newest tunes, the first one she’d written since recording her album. Called “One More Day,” the song had a lot of personal meaning for her.

Stacy Lee Stacy Lee 
“I’ve had personal experience with depression,” Lee explained. “And if it’s not caught soon enough, it can be very devastating. This song stems from my experiences with people that I know that struggle with it.”

Stacy Lee Stacy Lee 
Stacy Lee is playing this coming Saturday, May 24, at Honey in Northeast Minneapolis, and then will be appearing at the Aster Café on Wednesday, May 28. To keep up with her online activity and get all the latest updates about her gigs and appearances, be sure to check her out at her homepage and her Facebook page.

Stacy Lee Stacy Lee 

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