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I began my association with KFAI by volunteering on the “LIVE FROM STUDIO 5!” show.
I fell in love with the show and was happy just to be involved.
Working in a volunteer environment has its own special challenges.
It was not too long that, I went from the fill-in understudy for Casey Moo, music composer, singer and phenomenal voice, to the show's announcer.
As we continued on, we lost volunteers as folks took new jobs, or made other life changes that no longer included the show.
I was pressed into service to fill in and added another hat to the mix.
As more things were added, I felt a bit unsure, as I had been out of media for a while.
When I found myself as the producer of the show, I was not comfortable, but felt I needed to stretch myself so I could be more useful to the show and myself.
I am grateful to have had the experience, although at times not pleasant ones.
The show comes first with me, and I am glad to be a part of serving the under-served music community.
"Live from Studio 5!" has gotten past 200 shows, and we are now working with a fraction of people we need.
Many more dedicated volunteers are needed to do these shows. To do more and offer more, we have to increase participation.
There is a lot of behind the scenes work that makes one wonder, why we do this for free.
KFAI is a great community resource, and "Live From Studio 5!" is a place for bands and artists to share their musical journey.
Personally, I have gotten more than others have given.
The show does need a re-tool, but to do that we need people to join and grow with us.
Wednesday night is a tough night to get people, especially if they need to work a day job that starts at 7am.
If media is your passion, and you can do 10pm to midnight on aWednesday night, let us know.
There are things that can be done outside the show, via social media, video editing, etc.
Polish your skills and add to your portfolio, help produce and design the new “LIVE FROM STUDIO 5!”
The show is at a crossroads, and needs new people, just to continue, never mind expand.
It would be a shame to have to close down a great resource, just because we ran out of people.
So dear readers, give it some thought, and talk to your peeps, come help us make a great thing even greater.
Contact Pam Hill at KFAI to volunteer, she will forward your request.
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