Friday, September 5, 2014

Turn Back Now - Where Music and Art Collide

turn back nowwwww
red balloon tbn    Turn Back Now returned to "Live From Studio 5!" with new music and a new addition of the comic that follows the story of a "what if" scenario when we manage to destroy it all.  These guys are out there working the streets to promote the band like no one I have seen in a while.  They dub themselves as "apocalyptic lounge music".

Lead Singer Claude Culotta,

Nathan Shroud - guitar & bass 

Justin Johnson - bass guitar

    I believe they are rooted in blues rock and I find them engaging.  When Turn Back now began an unsolicited from-the-heart rant about independent radio, we were bolstered.  "Live From Studio 5!" works hard to give new, emerging, and under served groups and artists a voice.  With pledge drive coming in less than two weeks, we are proud to know that those we support, support us as passionately.  You will be hearing more about that in the upcoming weeks.
   Turn Back Now has thrown down the gauntlet, now it’s up to you.  Any amount is a vote for "Live From Studio 5!"  Go to and click the link that works for you or your business.

Rachael Guertin

Turn Back Now is still emerging and the saga continues so look for them to add more music and more art.  The new comic is available and can be found at several places throughout the metro.  Best way to start is to go to their Facebook page here:, or  An October tour is in the offing, and if I can twist their arm, I hope an ongoing blog about the comic art and the tour.

The Drummer is Matt Jarvi, aka Yeah You.

Turn Back Now is:
Claude Culotta – Lead Vocals 
Justin Johnson - bass guitar
Nathan Shroud - guitar & bass
Rachael Guertin - guitar & vocals
Matthew Jarvi (Yeah You)– drums 
colby<<<===Colby Swanson - visual art
Colby, by the way, is included as a band member even though he does not play or sing.  Maybe in the future we can talk him into the tambourine or backup vocals.
Here is the “Live From Studio 5!” show in our FOREVER archives which was originally broadcast on September 3, 2014:
This show was hosted by Cher Dial and Casey Moo.
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The video of the latest performance is here:
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