Friday, September 12, 2014

A Rant of Our Own

    KFAI has been around for 36 years through struggles and challenges from the beginning.  Listeners and support have grown steadily over the years... until now. The digital age, content on demand, the economy, and old ways of tracking the audience, has all but gutted KFAI’s listener support. To be blunt, fewer listeners equal less support, from every sector.
    KFAI cannot sustain this trend, nor can it grow into the awesome resource it has the potential to become. That's why we need YOU more than ever, NOW. By becoming a member you have a vote for the shows and content you value. Going forward, shows that have no listener support will have to step aside in favor of shows that can add value to KFAI. "Live From Studio 5!" knows we have support in the moral sense, but it has not translated into revenue for KFAI. We would not like to see our show fade from the scene. It would be a loss to the community and the musicverse we love. Your support through likes and comments, as well as financial, can help right the ship and chart a course forward. Become a booster and share KFAI wherever you can. Get involved, volunteer, get on the boards and share your skills to keep a 36 year champion of the underserved voices in our community going strong. KFAI can continue and grow into ever-expanding resources for media and culture that no one else will serve. We must have your input, your feedback, your ongoing support.
    We were advised that we should "keep it positive, keep it optimistic" but that's how we've done it for years, and frankly, I'm sick of it and demoralized after every Pledge Drive.  Speaking for "Live From Studio 5!", we pitch and plead and beg and maybe we get three or four pledges per show.  That's from being positive.  Let me make this ABSOLUTELY CLEAR: KFAI is in trouble, BIG trouble.  We set a Pledge goal of $70,000 which is pitifully low, the lowest we've set in a long time.  We did reach that goal and THANK YOU but we still face deficits and since we aren't a "person" or government entity, that's NOT an option.  We'll have only a month or two after that before the dreaded BANKRUPTCY.  And the plug could get pulled. Cold and bold: Pledge up or say goodbye. Sorry to be such a downer but reality is a bitch.  Show us how you feel right now, and click here: 
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