Sunday, September 21, 2014

Still Crunch Time

It's Still Crunch Time
    KFAI is in a battle to close the gap on a huge shortfall in funds.  The slide has been going on for some time.  For a reality check here is a KFAI news report that puts it on the table:

    Following the report are impassioned comments from Turn Back Now.  This group gets it, and knows what we will lose if we all don’t keep pushing the ball forward.  We need your energy, comments, suggestions and dough re mi.  Even a $5 pledge is a vote for your favorite show.
Going forward, KFAI will have no choice but to juggle the program schedule in favor of what outside raters show as listener numbers.  On a grass roots level I know we can energize word of mouth and social media.  Change must come, but KFAI and the community will be better served if those who support the station and their favorite programs voice their opinion.
    Please pledge, and ask your friends to pledge and weigh in on the stations future.  Some of our listeners and supporters have surplus automobiles, boats, or even audio equipment.  These items can have a new life, converted into funds that can sustain, repair and maintain this media resource.
    With massive support KFAI can grow into what serves the community best.  Access for underserved voices, a training ground for new and emerging media and more.  The bottom line is we need your involvement, share the message, get involved and join the board of decision makers and help chart the course.  36 years is far too soon for a media resource with so much potential to die.  Think about what you can do, and lobby, lobby, lobby.
    For everyone who is pitching in, thank you.  And for those who are not, why not?
    Please share the above story and the links as far and wide as you can.
    By the way when you pledge, be sure and indicate your favorite show
For all the options go to:
Straight to the pledge form Click This Link 
Just to lighten things up.
10 Reasons to support KFAI
1. “LIVE From Studio 5!”
2. You want to bring voices in the darkness into the light.
3. You need a tax write-off.
4. Your mother told you to.
5. Your Dad told you to too.
6. You feel guilty not pledging before.
7. You can’t find the remote.
8. The kids found where you hide the money.
9. You need a live music fix.
10. KFAI continues and grows only because of you!

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