Friday, September 26, 2014

KFAI Reaches Pledge Goal "BUT"

KFAI has reached its pledge goal, however it is the lowest goal set in a while.  Even after the goal is reached, a shortfall of $100,000 still looms ahead. To counter this and have funds to grow, KFAI needs continual support from all quarters. We need quantifiable numbers to share with grant writers, NPR, and business.  Share the cause everywhere, let everyone know about KFAI, weigh in with comments ideas, and pledges.  A pledge of any size is better than any rating number.  Support your favorite show with comments, pledges and let your voice be heard.  Metro area business, we need you to find a niche within KFAI and support those shows that at the same time will gain you loyal customers.  Underwriting shows or KFAI as a whole will give your business a key role in saving a great resource.  Underwriters will also gain a voice in creating a new and improved KFAI that better serves everyone.  So let’s get together and do the best we can to advance the culture, community and causes we all care about.  No amount is too little.  A pledging gesture goes a long way in keeping community in Twin Cities radio.  If you enjoy listening to “Live From Studio 5!” on a regular basis, then now is the time to show us some love.  Please click here right now:


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