Monday, December 7, 2015

Sounds of the Eccentric Enigma: Paul Fonfara & The Ipsifendus Orchestra

Of the many unsettling and dark aspects of the world of Edward Gorey, one more curiously ominous example inspired the name of last week’s Studio 5 guests. In this particular piece of Gorey literature, devils would emerge from the sky and proclaim the word “Ipsifendus”. Thus, the name for Paul Fonfara’s newest orchestral project was birthed - The Ipsifendus Orchestra.

    Fonfara, who appeared on Studio 5 back in 2012 with his group the Painted Saints, mentioned that the new eight-piece orchestra was formed after the same members had joined together previously to create music for film scores, the Minnesota Book Awards, and more. The lineup consists of Paul Fonfara on clarinet, Tim Kirchoff on guitar, Philip Potyondy on coronet, Chris Hepola on drum kit and keys, Krista Schneider on the cello, Andy McCormick on keyboard (a non-digital antique from decades in the past, might I add) and musical saw, Karen Majewitcz on accordion, and finally Eric Struve played a 115 year old stand-up bass.

    The music this orchestra creates is that of a blissful otherworldliness, the audible incarnation of some massive sauntering being moving cautiously yet gracefully through an unknown world. There are definite hints of darkness and unsettling imagery in their sounds, but these are contrasted with upbeat time signature shifts, dainty marching feels, and an instrumental structure that allows for both brash brightness and sinking morose. Consequently, this orchestra is an amalgamation of emotional expression, so don’t plan on getting too comfortable in any one definable mood.

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-Article by Seth Hynes-Marquette

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