Saturday, December 12, 2015

Platypus Packs Powerfully Prominent Punky Punches

    A friendly warning: this sentence you’re currently reading may be the last in which you are able to associate the word “platypus” with the Australian marsupial bearing a deadly stinger and a hilarious bill. Local power trio Platypus blasted onto the Studio 5 scene this week with a fistful of youthful vengeance. Consisting of Ben Parr on bass guitar, Donovan Eidem on kit, and Thomas Walsh on lead strings and vocals, this is perhaps one of the youngest rocker clans Studio 5 has seen to date. It was revealed by Mr. Thug that these guys were still in Junior High during Live’s radio debut back in 2010.

    Regardless, age seemed to be no hindrance for the killer punk attack of Platypus. Blending elements of geek rock, power pop and pop punk, the group whipped out a torrent of pump-up-able tunes that were as crunchy as they were catchy. Slick harmonies caressed dirty-fast riff work, layered by the happy-go-lucky punch of the rhythm section. It’d be easy to forget that you hadn’t been listening to these guys on your iPod mini while you were warming up for middle school track practice in ’03. If you feel like getting caught up in a modest mosh and leaving the pit with a hundred separate melodic hooks stuck in your head, it’s about time you caught these three dudes live.

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