Sunday, December 6, 2015

Lavender Daughter Rides The Radio Wave


Heavy as a mid-season Carolina hurricane yet sweet as the nectar from some mightily divine flower, Lavender Daughter kicked out the jams this Wednesday in Studio 5, bearing with them a sharp aesthetic, three-part harmony, and a sound that might be simply summarized as “plethora”. This foursome identifies as “surf-grunge”, finding influences in greats like Fleetwood Mac, Nirvana, Fleet Foxes, Sloth Rust, Dick Dale, Lana del Ray, Man or Astroman?, and a hell of a lot more.

    Beginning in early 2013, vocalist / guitarist Kalee Guenther birthed the idea of the band, and what followed initially was a five-piece acoustic / folk group with an accordionist / pianist, a second female vocalist, and a mountain dulcimer player. However, after a lineup change and stylistic shift, Lavender Daughter currently has a much more distorted and back-beat oriented foundation, as well as a new instrumental lineup (the only original members currently are Guenther and drummer Seth Hynes-Marquette). Teygaen Hartman slays the bass guitar with a relentlessly cool wit, providing the muscular system to the dope syncopation of the group’s sound while promoting her secret mastery at just the right times. Seth Hynes-Marquette’s juggernaut of a drum ensemble shakes, rattles, and rolls underneath the strings and harmonies like the shoulders of Atlas bearing the world itself, utilizing literally every f**king inch of his drum kit for a seriously diverse array of sounds and rhythms. Singer Lucas Beach’s voice saunters over the melodic collective like a blessed apparition amidst some holy congregation, telling tales of heartbreak and anger while simultaneously venturing into a future of promise. Kalee Guenther’s six-string emits tone that brings to mind a majestic surf goddess caressing the battered waves of a stormy Seattle shoreline, heavy and distorted with uniquely unpredictable rhythm. All of this percolates amongst her voice, a thing bearing ferocity and comfort, angst and pleasure, righteous rage and modest admiration. Together, Lavender Daughter weaves a sound that is intensely dynamic, storytelling, and innovative in its own sense.

    The band is currently in the process of recording their first full-length eponymous release, Lavender Daughter, due for a spring 2016 release. This record will include band originals such as “Piece of Love”, “Too Soon Too Tell”, “Prom King”, “Run”, and “Sweetest Sound”. Their next performance is at Hexagon Bar in Minneapolis, Saturday, December 12th at 10 PM. I suggest that you check it out. Like, real fast.

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