Monday, December 28, 2015

Curtiss A & Dark Click Hit The Nostalgia Vein Hard on Studio 5's Last Official Airing

In a similar style to the launch of the show in the days of 2010, Live from Studio 5’s final official airing hosted Curtiss A as their musical guest (who also happened to be their very first one, as implied a half a sentence back). Curtiss, known across the wintery Twin Cities as a “local enigma”, is nothing short of a legend of the area. Besides being an expert musician with a signature guitar snap, an unmistakable vocal gravel, and an intensely impressive musical track record, he hosts an annual John Lennon tribute at First Avenue each December 8th (the night in 1980 when Lennon was tragically shot in New York).

    As if Curtiss’ hip-trippy look wasn’t signature enough, the man can truly deliver vocally - there’s something radiant about his sheer classic rock-itude, bluesy sincerity, and a hint of hollow darkness. His band Dark Click (the name is an anagram of “Dick Clark”) provide a more than fitting rhythm section to bear all underneath this voice, which includes Sprague Hollander and Dave Boquist on guitars, John Sandbo on the kit, Bill Granke on bass.  Belting out a barrage of tunes for two hours, including originals and covers of The Stones, Muddy Waters, Wilson Pickett, etc., Curtiss A and Dark Click delivered a powerful performance packed with nostalgia, mad groove, classic tunes, and raw emotion. Their sound ranged from stumpy, low-down blues to crunchy psychedelic rock and then some. Together, these bad dudes present a sound both reminiscent and modern, recollecting and avant-garde, remembered and ever-present. If you get the opportunity to see them perform, take it, my friend.
***Tune in this Wednesday, December 30th, for “Live From Studio 5’s” final airing under the guise of their annual holiday spectacular.

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-Article by Seth Hynes-Marquette

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