Monday, April 27, 2015

Filthy Animals Get A Whole Lot Dirtier On Live From Studio 5!

Take a ridiculously kickin’ Saint Paul indie rock band and add a delicate seasoning of jazzy saxophone, bluesy  stop time, a righteously hard hitting crunch, lyrics for mostly any mood, the simultaneous capacity to bring down the house AND cradle you into an elegant slumber, harrowingly-hallucinatory harmonies, and five unconditionally lovably personalities / faces, and what've you got? Well, the Filthy Animals, dude. 

The 5 boys that make up the band have been at it since 2011, and aside from dishing out enticing live shows and ever-steadily building a name for themselves, they recently released a full-length album, entitled Music House. The quirky quintet consists of Jake Eisenbeis on lead vocals and strings, Ross Hackenmiller on the booming bass, Josh Dietsche’s sticks percolate across the drums, Andy Lorenz takes on the lead guitar, and finally, Mr. David Saunders provided the soothing saxophone. 
Check out Filthy Animal’s Facebook page and website for further information on upcoming shows, releases, and announcements in general! 

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(Archive also contains interview with Live From Studio 5!’s blogger, Seth Hynes-Marquette)

Check out the video on our You Tube page here: Filthy Animals Video

You can see the Flickr pix from that show here:

-Article by Seth Hynes-Marquette

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