Friday, April 17, 2015

Danami And The Blue Gets Real, Real, Real Cool, In Studio 5

Driven by the fierce intent to bag and tag the righteous world with a fistful of soul and a lyrical gun, Danami and his band The Blue are the physical embodiment of the word cool, shot up with a serious dose of smooth. Born and raised in Detroit, Danami fused his R&B upbringing with a smoky-sly hip-hop style, along with stable hints of blues, jazz, and slam poetry, to birth his own unique style that has since had his fans held in the chillest frenzy imaginable. 

Eventually making the move to the chilly Twin Cities, Danami attended McNally Smith College of Music and managed to pick up a larger than life live band: Erik Gustafson, humbly boasting his trumpet on tap each day of the week, G-Mo Hollins, tapping the keys with a dangerous amount of grace and style, and Trevor Weist, who’s famous guitar wizardry echoes the canyons of furious fretwork and sexy-subtle stealth alike. Combined, these cats have no problem letting you know just how green the grass is on that fabled other side. If you’re looking for lyrically-driven genius engineered by laid-back instrumental dominion, a sound that induces serious self awareness and existential relaxation simultaneously, look no further than Danami and The Blue. 

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-Article by Seth Hynes-Marquette

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