Saturday, April 4, 2015

Chalk Chalks It Up To Emotional Heights In Studio 5!

The lonely romance inspired by the music and lyrics of Chalk will thrust you back into that bittersweet moment from high school, junior year, as you tearfully watched the girl / guy of your dreams slowly walk away, following a one-time-only kiss and an epic line about how it just might work out someday. Chalk brings forth a gorgeous sound of attempted optimism in the face of adverse love and the fear of eternal heartbreak, reflecting a 90’s alt-rock dismal sensitivity underneath a modernized romantic aggression. Melancholic guitars and percolating drums flirt beneath abrasive and beckoning melodies, making your bachelor pad seem all the more consuming, yet simultaneously righteous. 

Forrest Axel Russel Fritz-Storhaug handles the drum kit, Sean Chaucer Levine slaps the bass, Michael Voller and "Just Anthony" handled the electric strings, while all three guitarists contributed to the vocal work. These boys began in the Twin Cities and recently debuted their first full-length release, Haunted House. They are currently in the process of creating their sophomore effort, which, if you know what’s healthy for you, had best be the number one priority dangling in your cerebral until it’s finally dropped. Check out Chalk’s music on their band page, links provided below.

Provided below are links to the band’s Facebook and music page:

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You can see the Video from that show here:  Chalk Video

-Article by Seth Hynes-Marquette

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