Monday, March 16, 2015

The Tim Malloys Get All Sorts of Irish in Studio 5!

Just in time for the drunkest day of the year, The Tim Malloys invaded Studio 5! this week, bearing a relentless barrage of Irish / Scottish punk rock and intoxicated chanting, brought on by five personalities more dynamic than Cher’s wardrobe. Sporting an array of neat instruments, like the Bodhran (a traditional Irish rim drum drum), Italian guitars, tin whistle, accordion, and a badder-than-badass flute, the Tim Malloy’s happy-go-lucky, pub crawling sound is the perfect accompaniment for any alcohol-themed get together, a night of rambunctious mischief, or basically any occasion existing under the sun. 

Consisting of Tom Delaney and John Sjogren / vocalist on guitar, Scott Schwister on the kit, bassist / vocalist Neal Johnston, and flautist / tin whistler Kirstin Johnston, the group is currently on its 21st year (pretty appropriate, eh?) of dominating all things musical, having tried their first beer and written their first jam in 1994. Continuing to blend rock and chant elements, traditional instruments, affable merry-making, and the pure love for a hell of a good time, The Tim Malloys seem to be on an eternally steadfast track at making sure no one leaves the room without a buzz-induced smile and a serendipitous spring in their step. Forever chant their rally cry: “Something whiskey this way comes”.

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