Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spring Pledge Drive Disaster

Tom Lieberman
Dan Jass
It is with a heavy heart that I have to bring this subject up.  To prepare for Pledge Drive, the other Doug and I decided we’d go all out for the cause.  We took two days to contact each and every band through Facebook that’s ever been on our show, approximately 250 of them.  We uploaded the video we made for each of them and said it was time for them to show their support for the only local show that gave them a chance to present their talents to the world, actually.  We were very excited as showtime approached and we hit the ground running.  Yakking with four of our favorite musicians and having them play as well as playing some cuts from early L5 shows.  At the end of the show we tallied up:  ONE
This is how I get my cheap thrills
Ron Rudlong & Nicole Jean Rowdy
PLEDGE = FIVE DOLLARS??  The other Doug and I put in about
30 hours each & every week putting this show together.  Editing and uploading You Tube videos, Flickr Pix, editing and uploading our FOREVER archives, designing and printing posters, contacting and scheduling bands, editing previously segments just to name a few.  We work for nothing except satisfaction (as well as some personal self-aggrandizement) but lately we can’t get no satisfaction.  We actually put our own money into the show.  We buy headphones, blank disks, poster paper and ink, we bought those nice big L5 wall posters (on the top of this page) and twinkly lights since KFAI has no budget for that stuff.  Doug and I each bought cameras that only get used for the show. 

Producer Dew Glass
We know U gotta be out there.  We’ve had 125,000 hits on our You  Tube channel.  With roughly 250 bands with about 4 members each, that’s about ONE THOUSAND people.  If each one gave a MEASLY FIVE DOLLARS we’d have $5,000.  I don’t think that’s axting too much.  On all those Facebook posts we got lots of LIKES but do you think anyone would like us enough donate five bucks??

Cher Dial

KFAI has at least a chance of making it, I can’t imagine listeners letting such a wonderful resource go dormant.  “Live From Studio 5!” though, is another matter.  If the program committee doesn’t yank us for under performing then I’m outta here, G-O-N-E gone.  I’m seriously totally DEMORALIZED and my health is in the toilet anyway.  I need to find a new career or just work in my garden all Summer.  Zero stress on my ticker.
    Now if this whiny sob story doesn’t loosen your heart strings and your purse strings then I’m just talking to a brick wall.  So PLEEEEESE click here and donate something.  You can use a credit card or select bill me later or even pick up the phone and call 612-375-9030.  Make sure you tell ‘em it’s for “Live From Studio 5!”


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