Friday, March 6, 2015

Harakiri Define The Progressive Paragon In Studio 5!

Ritual suicide will be farthest from one’s mind whilst Harakiri begins their righteous penetration of your once-innocent ear. Combining nearly every imaginable genre under the sun to birth a consequential orgasm of sound, Harakiri appears to be the prodigal son of all things cool, new, and awesomely weird. The band swims between prog-rock unpredictably, metal intensity, soul-man crooning, and even neo-jazzy subtlety, while their lyrics and song titles reference everything from beloved 50’s sitcoms to being lost in space. The vocals of frontman Jordan Manus call to mind a Kurt Cobain sadness, an Otis Redding hum, and, perhaps most impressively, a soaring Freddie Mercury roar, amplified by the soul-piercing harmonies of Alexa Blake and Summer Furreal. Meanwhile, axe-men Geoff Davidson and Ethan Elseth, bassist Devon Cook, and kit-hitter Pieter Ochsman provide a rhythm section more rhythmically punctual than an adrenalized brain surgeon. 

Born and bred in Saint Paul, Harakiri have gone on multiple nation-wide tours, endured handfuls of line-up alterations, and debuted a plethora of musical releases along the way, the latest being their self-titled release in 2014. Aside from performing new material and their music video-accompanied tune “Lorelei” in Studio 5, Manus commented on the heptad’s new material: 
“It’s evolved into a more concrete sound, a focused sound. We tend to hop genres, and the new stuff has more integrity.” 

The group also mentioned that they drew inspiration from such figureheads as The Mars Volta, Yes, The Doors, Nirvana, King Crimson, Pink Floyd, and even Muddy Waters and Frank Sinatra while writing original material.

Toying with time signature like a pile of Legos and blending righteous melancholy and bellicose cool with dark innovation at their helm, Harakiri’s sound will comfortably grip listeners by the throat and plunge them into a simultaneous world of accelerating darkness, perceptible bawdiness, prevailing optimism, and a sense of atmospheric panorama. The bottom line is this: If you’d like to take your head for a f**king ride, check out this band.

Provided below are links to the band’s Website, Facebook page, Reverbnaton, and a link to their new music video, “Lorelei”, have been provided below:

“Lorelei” Music Video:

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-Article by Seth Hynes-Marquette

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