Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Rants, Raves and Threats by our Founder

    Hi, I’m Doug deMille, aka DTT, co-host and co-founder along with MJ Gilmore of L5.  I hate to come across as a dark cloud on a day when everyone else is happy and enthusiastic about pledge drive but something’s just not right and it’s bugging me to distraction.

    I’ve been putting my whole life into L5 now for almost three years and up until about three months ago I wasn’t too discouraged about lack of support.  But certain events in life cause perspectives to change.   During that time I literally stared death in the eyes and almost didn’t come back.  So a person tends to reevaluate their priorities in life.  Now I have faced death a number of times before.  Such as looking down the barrel of a gun and getting shot at.  Flying my plane into a tornado and walking away from a crash landing and even being held hostage in a whorehouse in Bogota, Columbia, just to name a few.
     But those were my fault due to my own choices. 
     So now I’m back, on the air and trying to regain my old enthusiasm.  But unfortunately, I have about 25% of my old energy.  Things kept piling up while I was gone, videos didn’t get done, posters didn’t get made I used to spend a good 40 hours per week on L5, loving every second of it.
Now Spring is coming, am I gonna have a garden this year?  I’d hate to give that up but how can I do L5 AND a garden in this condition?  Not to mention all the things that didn’t get done while I was down and out.
     In preparation for this pledge drive last week I spent two whole days sending out FB thingys to all the bands who were on our show, prepping them to call in pledges last week and have their fans do the same.  I showed them all the perks L5 provided them with.  A poster, A video, Flickr pix, NOT to mention almost two hours of live radio time and I sent the links to all of them.  Boy, that should do it!
     I guess not.  Almost no response.
     So a couple days later I sent them another e mail telling them they could still pledge on line since they missed the live show.  Still almost nothing. 
     So now what??  Luckily L5 gets TWO pledge drive nights this year so this is it folks!  If the phones don’t start ringing off the hook at 612-375-9030 in a few minutes as much as I hate to think about it, we’re going to seriously have to think about pulling the plug on this great show.
     Now I know that my faithful and dedicated staff will say NO WAY but we need more people to take up the slack.  I have zero complaints about our regulars.  Doog must work full time at this by the looks of his creativity and output.  MJ and Clay have full-time jobs and more.  Georgia works full-time AND has her own KFAI show requiring four hours of live radio.  I’d keep this up if I felt it mattered to anyone but a few people.
     Most people can afford a measly $25 pledge.  If you are destitute, that’s different, God bless ya, hang in there.  But we have had over 40,000 hits on our You Tube videos alone.  I know you’re out there! 
     We don’t have commercials.
     Bills need to be paid.
     Equipment needs fixing.
     The government wants to cut back what little support we get already so it’s up to you, our supporters, our listeners to pitch in and cough it up.  Every little bit helps. You are on line now so you can still go to and send us some do-re-mi

Oh and don’t forget to mention L5 sent you.

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