Saturday, April 20, 2013

From The Lips & Heart of Dew Glass

   I have an interest in volunteering for Live From Studio 5! because it gets me out of the house, and keeps me out of trouble.  There is just something about doing a job you are passionate about.
     Sure, you would like to be compensated for your efforts, and even though you are not paid, you are rewarded in other ways.
     When you see a band who has been on your show win a contest, or get invited to tour, you feel like you have a little piece in that.  Doing a live show each week is challenging to say the least.
     However, doing our best to meet that challenge is what keeps us coming back each week, and working behind the scenes throughout the week.  We live in a fickle selfish world, who would do well to see where they could give back a little.  If you are successful, all the more reason you should reach out and help those climbing the ladder behind you.
     For me, the show is the thing, so I park my ego at the door and try to get one for the gipper.
Sometimes we get a winner, sometimes not so much, it's live so that's just the nature of the beast.
     I have learned, and continue to learn a great deal from our founders, MJ Gilmore and Doug The Thug.   Live From Studio 5! will soon turn 3 years old, I have not been here for the first two years, but I am more than willing to help celebrate.  As part of KFAI Radio Without Boundaries, this show will thrive and continue, based on member support.  We need your contributions, in finances, volunteers, listener support and comments.
     So don't be shy, and spread the word about Live From Studio 5!, programming and events.
Got suggestions?  Bring em on, feedback is the only way for us to improve and give you what you want.  I believe Live From Studio 5! is a great resource, for the community, listeners, bands and artists, as well as live show venues.
     We do what we do with an amazingly tiny crew, each week turning out a two hour show and video on You Tube.
     Each week we close the show with a request for anyone who wants to become part of our little family.  So far we have had no response, from this query, perhaps that is when the tuner is switched off.  The more volunteers we can bring on board, the less stress there is for the rest of us, and we will be able to expand into, blogging, music news, video partnerships with other non profits.
     Not that the show isn’t great, but we must strive to be better, to do more.  That is where you come in.  You can do it as part of an internship, as a resource, crew member, the list goes on and on.  We could also use someone skilled in marketing underwriting messages.  Live From studio 5! should be underwritten by venues, band gear and recording equipment businesses, music education, etc.  That extra boost will help us get new equipment, add video production, and more.
    This may be a dream right now, but one you can help make a reality.  Hopefully, before I leave the show in a puff of smoke, I hope to see a strong sustained program that can be handed down to the next generation of 5! ers.
    And so my fellow Live From Studio 5! ers, Ask not what 5! can do for you, Ask What You Can Do For Your 5!
All we are Saying Is Give 5! A Chance
The Only Thing We Have To Fear Is Non Involvement.
Can't think of any more slogans to rip off.

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