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On a Wednesday night the Cedar Riverside Studios of "Live From Studio 5!" began as usual with every kind of music.  From Rap to rock, A to Z and every letter in between, this night it was the letter “p” for Pioneer Son.  It was not a usual  "Live From Studio 5!" night, there were a few things that went differently.  For a short while we will be rudderless without our fabulous host7512376598_1d21b02a52_m2
M J Gilmore.  She is going for a three week graduate course in natural medicine and healing.  She will also be checking out some new delis in NEW DELHI, Yes India, how cool is that?
Provided the Internet cafes work out ,we will have a weekly feature entitled "Where In The World is MJ Gilmore?"
The second debut, was DEWGLASS  1sp4as Host for the first half of the show.  Doug The Thug took the announcer chair, duct taping DEWGLASS to the microphone.  So in spite of all the surprises and a crappy headphone setup, Pioneer Son hit the "Live From Studio 5!" sound stage.
A super-amiable group of four guys who made it easy on a fledgling host and brought a git-down, toe-tappin', head-bobbin' vibe that infected everyone.  They even gave me a T-shirt that I will never wash! (Sorry, summer is coming, I will have to wash it.)
I promise to use gentle cycle so it will last forever.
The Roots of rock and roll grew a really nice tree, 70's and 80's meld, reminiscent of The marshal Tucker Band, CSN, maybe a little Credence too..among others.
Melodious harmonies graced our "Live From Studio 5!" studio as if they had been playing together for years.
So, dear fans, listeners and venues, like, fan and book these guys.  You won't be sorry.  Add their music to your library, pod or whatever you use.  The more they put out there, the more you're gonna want it.
Find 'em on C D Baby, I Tunes  facebook (and soon featured on Liquidmusicblogosphere)
A review of the show can be had for just a few clicks of the mouse here.
Flicker picks of the show can be seen here.
Once the Video is complete, you can see it here, and featured on the blogosphere, (Special thanks to Maxwell Camarata for his outstanding videography, and editing work) also check out the   "Live From Studio 5!" facebook page for the latest updates.  LIKE the page so you don't miss a thing.
For current and upcoming shows visit the KFAI "Live From Studio 5!" page  here
This post may not be up before their appearance at Memory Laneson Saturday, so anyone going please forward a review to me at

As  P. T. Barnum once said “All press is good, but good press is better”, so c'mon, get blogged and help a terrific group go viral.

Blog readers stay tuned for more exciting episodes of the reluctant blogger, now the reluctant host.

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