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Greetings beloved "Live From Studio 5!" Listeners and supporters, Dewglass here, diving in where angels fear to tread.

I wear several hats in life.  On "Live From Studio 5"! I am a producer, announcer, promoter, videographer and water boy.
Attrition, and inability to find new dedicated volunteers, has left us without a blogger, and more help in all areas is always welcome.

So I offer my attempt in the hopes that a real blogger will read this and hate it so much, they will be willing to help.
I started a blog called Liquid Music Blogosphere, that also needs writers, as I don't have time for that ether.
This is the secret behind why I call myself the reluctant blogger.

Should this piece motivate you to help "Live From Studio 5!", please, please get in touch.
You can review the show in studio, via live stream, or through the archives.
Any way you want, live music reviews and news would be awesome as well.

In case you are unfamiliar with "Live From Studio 5!", It's a weekly live music program.
The Show airs on KFAI 90.3 & 106.7 FM every Wednesday night at 10pm.
The Show is approaching its third anniversary, and has been a real asset to the community, and the Live Music scene.  Not only live music emanates from the "Live From Studio 5!" studios, but a You Tube channel with great pieces of each show.
Visit the "Live From Studio 5!" page on for links to the Face Book page, Flickr Pics, And KFAIROCKS, the You Tube Channel.

As an all-volunteer effort, "Live From Studio 5!" always needs new and talented blood, to continue and grow into something even more awesome.
So if your Wednesday nights are free, along with time here and there during the week, let us know, and become part of our little family.
We would also like to add music reporters, to our crew, help us support the local music scene with reporting on what's going on out there.

Wed night, April 17, not just another spring night. Spring? Not this year, not yet!
Our Studio was graced with the talents of The Broken Bicycles, a new incarnation of Thomas Maddux. Who also plays in Elefaunt and His traveling Circus.

As The Broken bicycles, they were slated for the first half of the show, with a classical guitar set by Universal Strumming, Jay Gordon coming in the second hour but  as fate would have it, Jay had car trouble, and the band stepped up and helped us out by finishing the show with great style.
Jay, we will definitely reschedule you for a later date.
The performance will be archived for the next two weeks on, go to the "Live From Studio 5!" page and select the April 17 date.
It was a fun show and well worth a listen, or a re-listen.
A video of “ Looking Glass “ is available on KFAIROCKS here: 

I don't want to say much more about the show, as I would rather you give a listen, and take a look.
Don't take my word for it, but I think you will like it.
Check out the band and support them on Face Book etc, tell em "Live From Studio 5!" sent ya.
That's it for now, dear readers, I will be signing off for now.
Tune in next week For Voodoo and more news from the studio 5! closet.
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