Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Bad Companions Are Anything But On "Live From Studio 5!"

Take some home-made rockabilly and season it with some Delta-blues lyricism, a lonely country kick, and a Johnny Cash travelin’ sincerity, and the end result would be the Bad Companions. These boys know how to bust out a fast-talking, hard-hitting jam with a vengeance, complete with perfectly placed stop times, cheeky vocals, and a cycle of instrumental spotlight time. The southern-esque guitar style, provided by string snappers / vocalists Dan Gaarder and Al Subola (Subola was nominated as best electric guitar player in the state by N Music Association) cruise parallel to drummer Frenchy Fremont’s rock-steady punch beat, both unwilling to let up until they sense a hint of weakness in the other (which, fortunately, never happens). Meanwhile, bassist Bill Keefe stands back and keeps the entire train steady to the track. If you want to see the Bad Companions live, simply step outside your front door, listen for the hordes of screaming fan girls/guys, and follow suit. 

The Bad Companions recently released their newest album, 12 Bars. Check it out today!

Links are provided below to the Bad Companions’ website and Facebook page.

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-Article by Seth Hynes-Marquette

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