Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Heavy and Heartbreaking, It's Nick Hensley

Singer / songwriter Nick Hensley graced Studio 5 this week with nothing more than an acoustic guitar, his stoic, growling voice, and a slew of original tunes hellbent on forcing you to lie down and deeply contemplate your life. His lyricism bears heavy nostalgic tones and self-aware philosophy, while his powerfully reaching voice brings to mind notes of grunge-rockers Eddie Vedder, Scott Weiland, and the late-great Kurt Cobain. As I sit writing and listening to him sing me an emotional tale on Sin City, I’d be lying if I wasn’t feeling a progressively growing urge to shed a tear and hug my mother. The beauty in Hensley’s songwriting is his relentlessly effective ability to make you stop whatever rat-race-esque task you’re currently working on and just f**king think about things for a moment, coated with a reminder that everything you care about can and will be gone someday. So whether he’s singing to you about Las Vegas, whiskey, or feeding his dog and mowing the lawn, if you want a dose of musical truth delivered via juggernaut vocals and driving acoustic strings, Nick Hensley is your man. 

Be sure to check out Hensley’s album Love Songs For Angry Men, as well as his newest 2014 release.

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-Article by Seth Hynes-Marquette

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