Saturday, February 14, 2015

Tim Casey & The Martyrs Jam For What They Believe In On Studio 5!

If you’re up for a quick dose of some cool-drivin’ rock n’ roll that doesn’t leave much else to be desired, Tim Casey & The Martyrs are your boys. Serving up sloshy drums, crunchy guitars, happy harmonies, and lyrics pertaining to a jocular kind of love (and not to mention a badder-than-badass homemade Hammond organ), this fab foursome is a refreshing dab of feel-good rock that we all probably need as soon as possible. Just in time for Valentine’s Day Weekend, The Martyrs might actually make you feel good about dropping hundreds of dollars on a single date night. 

Under the ever-watchful eye of Kirsten Ann Lind.

The man himself, Tim Casey, is the primary songwriter of the group, as well as the lead singer and guitarist. Following him into melodic battle are his loyal sycophants, drummer Robb Burnham, keyboardist Kris Brauning, and Mike Cronin on bass guitar.  Although they currently reside in Minneapolis, The Martyrs have graced stages up and down and all around the Midwest. They released a well-received album, titled Boom, in 2010, and have recently been promoting their newest release called You Should Know, which debuted in 2012. Their music is available on their website, as well as iTunes and Spotify. 

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-Article by Seth Hynes-Marquette

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