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Multi-Talented Members Make Up Rat Pit

Multi-Talented Members Make Up Rat Pit

Legend has it that Rat Pit was formed “in the back of a ’98 Saturn SL4”, but for all any of their fans truly know, this story may simply be the result of some cosmic contact high. The four lads that make up this group (drummer Tyler Hudson, bassist John Manning, and guitarists Sam Arneson and Ian Carson) formed in July of 2012, and since then have unleashed a hell storm of irresistible musical virtuosity upon the Twin Cities. Besides the fact that each member contributes vocal harmonies and the classic-cool gimmick of the guitar players swapping instruments mid-performance, Rat Pit proves that it is hardly held down by any singular genre. Perhaps more prominently featuring a dance-inducing, feel-good-real-good jam band feel, the boys have no hesitation when it comes to sliding into a snaky Alice In Chains doom groove, a Black Crowes junk blues throw down, or even a Grateful Dead acid-voyage. Not to mention, they wield their pedal boards like King Arthur wielded the mother f***ing Excalibur. In short, Rat Pit will make you feel the polar opposite of crappy, so if the weather, the flu, or the broken New Year’s Resolution has got you down, flip on any of these dude’s songs at random and prepare to feel better than Hulk Hogan at a high school wrestling meet. 

Rat Pit recently threw a release party at the 331 Bar in Minneapolis in celebrating of their newest album, Birthday Season, unveiled to the public barely two weeks ago. The collection contains more than a few badass drops of the finest style, including songs like “Cheese”, “Mars Is Our Native Planet, We Are Martians”, and “He’s Probably Been Drinking”. Be sure to check out their website (posted below) for an instant listen to any of their songs off of Birthday Season as well as info on upcoming shows, events, and the friendly band members themselves.

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-Article by Seth Hynes-Marquette

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